We build digital solutions for real-world challenges.

FlexCost's team combines deep technology expertise in quoting and pricing with real-world experiences in the window and door industry. 

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FlexCost unlocks fast, accurate quotes - without a huge IT project or data management overhaul.
Our Story

FlexCost began as a flexible online configuration and pricing solution we built for internal use in our sister company, Bauwerk Building Solutions. We built the FlexCost technology to make it easier for end consumers, as well as our sales teams and distribution partners, to configure their own window and door projects, and instantly see accurate pricing. 

We know FlexCost works, because we use it, too! At Bauwerk, a supplier of European windows and doors to the American market, we've experienced exactly the problems that many manufacturers and suppliers face: it's hard to build budget-ready quotes quickly, which means it's hard to scale and grow.

FlexCost exists to address these challenges, and make it easier for you to grow your manufacturing business with fast, accurate quotes.

We founded FlexCost in 2023. Now, we're welcoming other window, door, and skylight manufacturers to use this remarkable platform to improve their quoting and unlock sales.

Next up, we'll allow our FlexCost customers to opt in to showing their products on our proprietary 24/7 Window Store, an eCommerce marketplace for windows, doors, and skylights. Digital sales are the future of the industry. That's why we're making it easy for FlexCost customers to push their catalog to 24/7 Window Store marketplace, and open a new digital sales channel.

All of our digital solutions are purpose-built to solve real problems faced by manufacturers in the US, and help them grow.